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H-1B Visa Stamping Season : Timeline, events and processes you need to know

H-1B Visa


The demand for H-1B visa in the US increases every year. USCIS received around 780,884 registrations for FY2024, which is far higher than the 85,000 visas offered. The H-1B visa issuance follows a fiscal year timeline, starting from october 1 and ending on september 30, Applicants outside of the US muist get their visa stamp after the USCIS processes their application, which takes from a few weeks to several months.

It ‘s stamping time for those applicants who got picked in the H-1B lottery for 2024. The visa registration process started for 2024 in January this year follows a series of other processes beginning October 2023 before candidates become eligible to work and live in the US.

But thi year, For many Indian professionals and students, the excitement over being lucky to be selected in the annual US H-1B Visa lottery, is fizzling out. When the uS citizen ship and Immigration services released the figures of H-1B visa registrations for the financial year 2024 Last mionth, the organisation that manages the immigration system of the US,also flagged the issue of a large number of multiple registrations for eligible beneficiaries.

If you have applied for this visa this year, here is the timeline, events and processes you need to know while you wait for your Visa to arrive.

Escalating demand

The demand for H-1B visa increases every year. For the year 2023, USCIS received a total of 484,000 registrations. In FY 2024 USCIS released the number of registrations that came at 780,884. The available quota is just for 85,000 visas this year.

since the demand is way above the available quota, the time of H-1B

since the demand is way above the available quota, typically the time of H-1B filling is filled with both hope and luck for a majority of applicants. However, if you don’t get your visa this year, you are eligible to apply for it next year too.

Fiscal year, different from calendar year

The H-1B visa issuance is based on the fiscal year timeline not the calendar year. it is very important to keep this in ,ind while filling out your application for H-1B. Fiscal year 2024 starts from october 1, 2023, and ends on sep 30,2024. USCIS starts accepting H-1B petitions for the next fiscal year about six months before the start of the fiscal year. This year, the process began from April 1, 2023.

Stamping and Working

Applicants outside of the united states needs to get their visa stamp after their application is processed by the USCIS. This process typically takes between a few weeks to even months. Once your petition is processed, you can then take an appointment at the consulate or the embassy.

USCIS fisacl year 2024 starts from Oct 1, 2023. If your petition was approved abd you got the visa stamped, you can enter the US and are eligible to work from Oct 1, 2023.


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