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H1B visa is enough to get a job in US tech companies?

H1 B visa

Yes, H1B visa is enough for some foreign companies. It is known that American companies have laid off employees at a record level in the history of the international market conditions.

It has to be said that it is a privilege that the companies are making new appointments within the past few months. According to reliable sources , American giant tech companies like Google , Microsoft, Meta, Amazon are hiring tech employees with H1B visas for low-salary positions.


It is noteworthy that Google has filed applications for low-paid H1B workers to fill highly specialized technical positions in the United States. Most of these workers are H1  B visa holders. These applications include software engineers, customer experience researchers, analytical It seems that there are many job roles like consultants. In this order, Waymo, a subsidiary of Google, has focused on self-driving cars.

Against this background, data from the Department of Labor shows that various tech giants have requested thousands of H1B foreign worker visas as an alternative to the recent significant layoffs by companies such as America’s meta platforms Zoom, Amazon, Salesforce, and Microsoft . On the other hand many new H1B applicants are invited to fill other posts in the same company.

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