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Reason for longer waiting period for Green Card: USCIS reveals the truth

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An American official explained why foreigners have to wait for decades for green cards in America. He said that the reason for this situation is the limitation imposed by the American legislatures on the issuance of green cards

NRI Desk: It is the dream of many NRIs to get a green card and settle in America. But, the situation is now that we have to wait for decades for this permission. Douglas Rand, the adviser of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services Department, recently made key comments on this. He explained why we have to wait so long for green cards. He explained the issues related to visa and diplomatic services in a meeting organized by the US State Department recently for NRIs.

According to Douglas, the US legislature has imposed a limit on green cards issued annually. Only 2,26,000 family-sponsored green cards and 1,40,000 employment-based green cards are allowed to be issued every year. The American Congress has also imposed country-wise restrictions on green cards.

“Only seven percent of the total visas should be issued to one country. That is, only 25,620 green cards are available for India, China and Mexico every year. Due to this, the people of those countries have to wait for a long time for the green card. This delay is happening because of the gap between demand and supply. While there is a limit on the issuance of green cards, the demand is constantly increasing. As a result, not enough cards are issued. This is the situation not only in India, but all over the world,” said Douglas.


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